A new year, a new company

hiten shah and neil patel

With a new year, comes a chance to begin afresh. And perhaps that is why we want to tell you about our new company. My co-founder Neil and I are serial founders who have started and grown a few SaaS companies. In our companies we’ve been building software products that are solutions to problems we discover, usually for marketers and product people. We started Crazy Egg in 2005 to help people improve their websites and KISSmetrics in 2008 to replace the user-based analytics systems that companies were building in-house. For the last year or so we’ve been working on a new idea.

When starting Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics we helped pioneer and popularize a few new ways that businesses can learn from their data. With the rising popularity of website heatmaps, on-site qualitative feedback and user-centric behavioral data, companies can now easily get a better understanding of what’s working and what’s not with their website visitors and users. This focus on finding the differentiated and right product for the market has always been at the core of what excites us as founders. We are going to do that again with our new idea.

As our products gained popularity we learned how to successfully scale online customer acquisition for SaaS businesses through content marketing. KISSmetrics still gets the overwhelming majority of its sign ups from the content that’s created on the blog. We believe that there’s a unique opportunity for us to build a SaaS product that helps people create better content which increases traffic and conversions.

Neil has had a popular blog where he blogs about online marketing. It’s called Quick Sprout and it’s the name of our new company.

Quick Sprout Logo

One key lesson we’ve learned over the years is to focus on product/market fit before growth. Our plan is to self-fund Quick Sprout until we are ready for growth. Our primary goal is to build a long-term sustainable business. SaaS has become much more competitive in the last 10 years, we will raise money when it’s required for our business to grow at the rate we would like.

Needless to say, we are really excited about kicking off 2016 with Quick Sprout to help people create more awesome content.

If you’re interested in tools to help you create better content for your audience, sign up on the Quick Sprout homepage and you’ll get early access soon!