Amazon Prime Air

Jeff Bezos was on Charlie Rose tonight and he introduced the world to their new experimentatal initiative, Amazon Prime Air.

Watch the video. It feels like Sci-Fi.

Here is what he said first about Amazon Prime Air:

This is early. This is still years away.

I don’t recall a time when Amazon released something publically before it was ready. They tend to launch things that people can use right away. What makes Amazon Prime Air different?

Jeff Bezos also said:

Companies have short lifespans.
Amazon will be disrupted one day.
I would love for it to be after I am dead.

This is a pre-emptive move to help the world go in the way Amazon wants it to go. Perhaps to help push the FAA rules and regulations forward faster. To help prevent Amazon from being disrupted on it’s core principle of customer obsession.

“To get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less” before any other company does.

As a consumer, I can’t wait. As an entrepreneur, I’m inspired.