Anger Management

Working it out here boss

It happens more often then we want to admit. Somebody says something, does something or you hear about it from someone else.

You get angry.

Your first impulse is to confront them.

You’ll start thinking about exactly what they did to you and what you’ll say to them. In that moment, stop.

Curb your anger.

Now, open your email client and write out exactly what you want to say to them. Don’t include their email address in the “to” field. Leave it blank, just in case you finish writing and get the urge to hit send.

You’ll feel relieved now that your thoughts are in writing and it’s likely that you’ll even stop thinking about it.

Wait until the next morning. Read what you wrote. Read it out loud.

While reading, try to step into their world, see from their perspective and think like them. You will now have a better understanding of why they did what they did.

You won’t send the email. You will feel better.

Anger Management

Eventually, you’ll end up with a collection of these drafts. Use these drafts to learn what triggers you to get angry.

These insights will help you stop being angry.