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When my co-founder Neil Patel and I were still building KISSmetrics back in 2009, content marketing as we know it was just getting off the ground. If you wanted to learn how to optimize your marketing funnel or run A/B tests on your landing page, you had to talk to someone in the know or figure it out for yourself. There was less competition in the space, which meant it was easier to create quality content that people needed and loved.

Today, you can find the answers to most of these questions across hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs. Every day, over 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced online.

I’m asked over and over if it’s still possible to succeed with content marketing. The answer is yes.

Content marketing remains the best and most cost-efficient way to build your brand and drive growth. At heart, it’s about how you help your customers help you.

This free eBook has distilled the most essential lessons I’ve learned from over 10 years of building web products. You’ll find strategies on how to reach your customers in their hearts and heads, build a reliable engine for producing content, and nurture a loyal audience of repeat customers.

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What’s inside:

By reading this guide you’ll find:

  • How to find out what quality content looks like for your audience
  • How to reverse engineer quality
  • 7 simple rules for writing headlines that people will click
  • How to build an assembly line for content production
  • A breakdown of traffic sources for 15 blogs between 0 to 15 million visits
  • A framework for finding opportunities to increase conversions

If you have any questions or lessons learned for building a business through content, let me know in the comments. I’m here to help.

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