I spoke at MicroConf for the third year in a row this last week. MicroConf is a conference for self-funded entrepreneurs who are trying to build something from nothing without outside funding. My friends Rob Walling and Mike Taber started the conference which hosts 100 – 200 entrepreneurs in Las Vegas every year.

It’s my favorite conference. I leave with new friends and a long list of todos for my businesses.

The attendees and speakers are people in the trenches sharing their lessons learned running SaaS businesses. I’ve had the pleasure of watching entrepreneurs grow their businesses, quit their jobs and share their own experiences with the audience over the last three years.

Here are a few things that make this conference awesome:

  • As early as the first presentation somebody tweets that what they already learned will pay for the cost of attending.
  • It’s an open atmosphere where there are no egos and everyone is eager to share and learn.
  • People who attended or spoke during past years feel left out if they don’t get to attend.
  • Past attendees turn into future speakers based on their growth during the year.
  • The focus is on making money not raising money.

The conference has developed its own culture that I have no doubt will only get better every year.

My new friend, Christoph has put together some awesome notes and other resources here.

You should attend the conference if you have a self-funded SaaS business.