New eBook: 5 Habits to Building Better Products Faster

Neil Patel and I started building products back in 2003. We built almost a dozen products, and all of them failed—except one.

We got lucky with CrazyEgg, a tool that shows you where people are clicking on your page. It turned into a huge hit and it has generated millions in revenue since.

That’s when my education on how to build product really started. Over the last twelve years, as I built more products—some successful, others not—I finally started to realize the #1 thing that everyone gets wrong.

People think that it’s about knowing what the customer wants and building it exactly. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve built five multi-million dollar products over the last twelve years, and I’ve done it by developing the right product habits, not by knowing exactly what the customer wanted.

This free eBook distills the essentials of building product into five product habits that you need to find the critical problems that customers have and solve them better than anyone else.


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What’s inside

By reading this guide you’ll learn:

  • The KISSmetrics Golden Motion Process
  • How Optimizely Cornered 77% of the A/B Testing Market
  • The One Simple Formula for Rapid Product Iteration
  • How We Built KISSInsights into a Million-Dollar Business with a Data-Informed Hypothesis
  • The Jobs-to-Be-Done Formula for Product Development
  • What to Focus On, When
  • Why Henry Ford Should’ve Built a Skateboard

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