The Art of Right Now

Angry Man

Ever have a conversation with someone who, every two minutes, picks up their phone to check for messages?

Ever been at a party and watched someone’s eyes dart around behind your head while you’re talking?

The answer to both questions is most likely ‘yes’ and in addition to having had that happen to you, you’ve probably done those very same things to someone else at one time or another.

So, what’s wrong with that? A lot, actually.

You see, every time you lose focus, try to multi-task, or take a break to answer emails or texts in the middle of a human interaction, you’re robbing yourself of the experience of that very moment.

You never get that back.

Over time, that makes it nearly impossible to appreciate the tiny little moments that add up to big time life.

What’s more, that kind of absentminded behavior can spill over into a lot of other areas of your life, including your business.

And do you really want to be making decisions about your business when you aren’t completely focused?

Didn’t think so.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial you master what I call the “art of right now.”

The secret of happy people everywhere

Happy Jayden

My son Jayden.

What people who are actually happy (and not just occupying themselves with the next task/goal/thrill) know is that there’s an art to being able to live right now, in the moment.

Whether you’re with family or having an important meeting, really paying attention to what’s going on in that moment—instead of worrying about the next—will make you a better person and a better entrepreneur.

Practicing the Art of Right Now

Right Now

A lot of people pay lip service to the idea of “living in the moment,” but what does that actually mean?

Let’s start out with what it doesn’t: Contrary to popular belief, living in the moment doesn’t mean making selfish decisions just because you can, or doing something because it fills a short-term void.

In actuality, people who really understand the “art of right now” are people who feel truly content with what they are doing at the moment they’re doing it.

For example, the art of right now means that if you’re having a cup of coffee, you should just enjoy the cup of coffee.

Don’t try to drink the coffee, check your phone and have a Skype conference call, all at the same time.

What this means for your business

Business People Cartoon

Back in the early days running my consulting business, I was so consumed with growth and doing well that I decided I didn’t have time to really look at the people I worked with; this kind of preoccupation blinded me to the fact that some of the people I worked with weren’t trustworthy.

I became marginally aware of this, but still didn’t acknowledge how these individuals were having a negative impact on my business.

The wake-up call ended up being a very dramatic one where my co-founder and I were put in a very precarious financial position.

From that day forward, I decided I could never get so busy that I couldn’t really see the people I was working with.

Remember, the future is just a series of “nows.” [Tweet]

If you miss the chance to make the best of every moment, what kind of future will you create? [Tweet]

Stop for a moment and think about it.