30 days of blogging challenge

Last week my friend and mentor, Om Malik challenged me to blog every day for 30 days. I started the challenge last Monday and this is my 6th post. The rules are to write a blog post for each day for 30 days with weekends off.

I accepted the challenge because of a constant desire to write more but never taking the leap to making it a regular habit. I decided to write on the weekends so there’s no time off during these 30 days. I know myself well enough to know that skipping even a single day, would make it harder to continue.

So far I’ve started and not yet finished over a dozen different blog post during the past week. I find it hard to get over the idea in my head that every blog post needs to be really valuable to other people. I’m not yet comfortable with the balance of writing for myself versus writing what other people would find valuable. I’m going to try and make my weekend writing for just myself starting with this post. I’ve written this post as a reminder about how I felt when starting this challenge.

If you haven’t read them yet, here are the 5 post I’ve written so far:

Day 1
Stop comparing yourself to other startups!

Day 2
You’re not the best unless your customers say so

Day 3
You don’t need more advice, you need more practice.

Day 4
Learn faster than you think you can!

Day 5
Feedback is a gift

I’m already learning about what people like to read and what I enjoy writing about. I look forward to this challenge and learning more about myself and improving style throughout the process.