7 books that every lifelong learner should read (and reread)

Lifelong Learning Books

I’ve written about learning faster and increasing your daily consumption of information. Each day that passes makes me feel like there’s more to learn. I believe in Lifelong Learning.

Ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge.

These books are ones that I find myself reading and rereading from time to time. They make me smarter, urge me to think deeper and help me understand how I feel.

  1. 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

    I used to hear the term “critical thinking” tossed around a lot while I was growing up. Didn’t pay much attention to it at the time and now I can’t help but always try to improve my thinking. This book is the one that I plan on rereading more often than any other. It’s the framework on thinking.

  2. A More Beautiful Question

    Asking the right questions is one of the most powerful ways to learn, not only about things but also about other people. The book mentions other published books and studies. It then ties them together to help you come up with better questions to improve your life.

  3. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    This book is about marketing. It’s also about what makes humans do things. It explains the why and how great marketing makes people say yes through persuasion. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t so you can use ethical persuasion to your advantage.

  4. Mindset

    Do you know the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? I didn’t until I read this book. The basic premise is that we are all lifelong learners and there are ways for us to create a love of learning within ourselves and our kids.

  5. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

    Dr. Seuss never fails. This book is for anyone, not just young kids, even us old ones! It’s a quick read that I often read to my children for myself as well as their benefit. When I’m struggling with change its my goto book to help me feel better.

  6. Smartcuts

    I used to love shortcuts and I’m happy to be among the students who cheated in school. This book is about what I consider the adult version of cheating, not short-term tricks, but what the author calls smartcuts.

  7. The War of Art

    I was first introduced to this book by Patrick Vlaskovits and have since recommended it to many other people. It’s a book about creativity and getting through your worst barriers which hold you back. It’s motivational and it’ll give you a quick and swift kick in the behind right when you need it.

Share your book (or other) recommendations for lifelong learning in the comments below…