Give faster feedback by easily editing any webpage

Megaphone Feedback
I’m always trying to find ways to do things faster. Especially for tasks that help me respond to someone faster. If you’ve met me in-person or ever exchanged an email with me asking for feedback you probably know that I enjoy giving my thoughts on copy, marketing and designs that I see. In my search for increasing feedback response time, I found a bookmarklet that helps me do it faster. Since I discovered this bookmarklet, I’ve installed it on many people’s computers too. Whenever you need to give feedback on a live webpage you can do it by clicking this bookmarklet and editing the page right in your browser.

Drag the link below to your bookmarklet bar:

Edit this webpage

Test it by clicking on the link and editing this page right in your browser like you would in a WYSIWYG editor. Refresh to reset the page to normal. Most keyboard shortcuts work with it too!

It feels like magic and it just works. You’ll be able to edit text copy on the page and remove elements. Just make sure to take a screenshot before you reload the page or hit the back button by accident. My favorite (and quickest) screenshot tool is Blipshot. It’s free, available for Google Chrome and you can get it here. It’s also open source thanks to the creator, Davide.

This bookmarklet has saved me many hours. It’ll save you time too. Share your tips and tricks for giving feedback and responding faster in the comments below.