Week One update of the 30 days of blogging challenge

Om Malik challenged himself and three other people including me to the 30 days of blogging challenge. Toni Schneider and Michael Galpert have agreed to join Om and I. Yesteday, I wrote about my perspective on the challenge.

Today, it’s time for the weekly update. Here are all of our blog posts for this past week:

30 days of blogging
Feedback is a gift
Learn faster than you think you can!
You don’t need more advice, you need more practice.
You’re not the best unless your customers say so
Stop comparing yourself to other startups!

Michael Galpert
Permission to want
Price of shipping atoms
Notes from Brooklyn Beta day 1
New Middle Men
You are not alone

Om Malik
20 years of SAJA
3 things to read this weekend
Hard Things
A perception of anonymity
One week, two cities – Sofia and Stockholm

Toni Schneider
On the future of work 
What’s on your phone
Team Tinker 
College Trips
Diane’s art opening

Stay tuned for more! We’ve got over 3 weeks to go.