Week Two update of the 30 days of blogging challenge

It’s time for the weekly update to Om’s 30 days of blogging challenge. I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with writing. It isn’t getting easier but after about 14 posts I feel more comfortable writing whatever I think and hitting publish.

Here are the second week of posts from my cohort and I:

Michael Galpert
Dollar a day
Cyclones of SF
Define Success
Toxic Employees
iOS Keyboards

Om Malik
3 things to read this weekend
Apple & rise of the carrier antagonistic SIM Card
Mimi Valdes makes Happy
Long day
Why blame others

Toni Schneider
The office space pendulum
Deep linking
Stop watching me
Childhood confessions
Nerd culture, the good and the bad

Love it or change it
It just works
17 books every startup founder should read
Everyone on the same page
Do hard things that scare you
My favorite interview question for early stage startup candidates.